10 Prospecting Tips for Winners

As an insurance professional, you know how difficult prospecting can be. Finding qualified prospects and convincing them to buy your products is often time-consuming and unproductive.

If you'd like to make the most of time spent prospecting-and sell more than ever before-take these 10 tips from a leading author and sales consultant to heart. You'll notice the difference in no time!

o Set aside one hour a day for prospecting. Discipline yourself to make this time nonnegotiable, and treat it as a priority. 

o Make as many calls as possible. The more calls you make, the better your chances of converting those prospects to clients.

o Make calls brief. Don't try to sell the client over the phone. Your goal should be to get the appointment…and concentrate on closing the sale there.

o Prepare a list of names before you call. This allows you to devote your time to making calls-not searching for names. Trade prospect names with other professionals, and keep a one-month supply on hand at all times to make the process easier.

o Don't tolerate interruptions. Refuse to take calls or attend meetings during your prospecting time. As with any other activity, the more you repeat this task during a contiguous block of time, the better you'll become.

o If you find conventional prospecting times don't work, consider calling during off-peak hours. Find out when your prospects are available, and call them at the appropriate times. Don't waste your time when you know they aren't on hand.

o Vary your contacting times. This increases your chances of reaching buyers.

o Get organized. Make detailed notes and store them in a computerized prospect contact system. Update them frequently, scheduling and keeping track of follow-up times and contact information.

o Picture your prospecting goal, and develop a plan to reach it. Knowing where you're going and how far you've moved toward your goal helps you stay motivated.

o Don't give up. Persistence is the key to true selling success. Prospects will see your determination and admire your perseverance-and you'll get appointments.

Finding new customers doesn't have to be complicated. Try these 10 simple tips, write your own winning success story…and watch your sales and client base soar!