Goal-Setting, Positive Attitude Help Keep Motivation High

We all experience days, both personally and professionally, when nothing goes right. As an insurance agent, true success requires self-motivation, making those days seem even more difficult.

But you can get through tough times with motivation and success simply by setting realistic goals; creating a plan to reach them; evaluating your performance; and keeping your attitude upbeat. 

Setting Clear Goals

Before you set out to conquer the world, examine your long- and short term goals. 

What kind of measurable results are you looking for? For example, do you want more income? If so, how much more would you like to aim for in the next year? Maybe you'd like to increase your business by 10 percent in the same time frame? This is certainly achievable—if you believe in yourself and know how to go about it. 

Whatever your goal, determine exactly the results you need so you know where you're headed. Otherwise, staying motivated could prove very difficult!

Creating a Plan

Next, create a plan to determine your actions and help you reach those goals. 

If you'd like to increase business volume, hiring a marketing service like InsureMe could be a cost-effective way to get leads and increase your client base. 

Another strategy for increasing business volume might include a direct mail campaign, which takes your name and business directly into the potential customer's home. 

On the other hand, if you'd like to double your income, maybe you need to hire more staff to reach more customers—or target your marketing efforts toward wealthier clients. 

Now create solid tactics. These are the actual steps you'll take according to the plan you've created to achieve your goals. 

If your goal is to double your income by increasing your staff, your tactics might include defining job responsibilities and deciding what kind of employees you need to get the job done. 

If you'd like to increase business volume by purchasing leads from InsureMe, you might want to contact our company to find out how our leads can help you reach your desired client volume.

Evaluating Your Performance

At the end of each year, carefully examine your accomplishments, and review any barriers you encountered. Then determine what you need to do to overcome the obstacles, and set new goals for the following year. 

With clear goals and a plan to reach them, you'll succeed and stay motivated from year to year.

Keeping a Positive Attitude 

Negative thinking has no place in your lifemdash;or your business! To turn negative thoughts into opportunities for growth, progress and achievement,and keep you motivated in the process, try these proven strategies: 

o Focus on: 

o Creating and maintaining relationships to strengthen long-term success

o Finding solutions to help your customers eliminate danger and capture opportunities

o Discovering new opportunities to use innovative ideas, tools and resources

o Using your strengths to stay positive and move your business forward

o Steer clear of the negative. We all pick up on the negative attitudes of others, so surround yourself with positive-thinking people. The right environment will help keep you motivated and focused.

o Expect Success! Start with a plan you have confidence in; have faith in your ability to realize your plan; and work hard to overcome obstacles and ensure success.

Staying enthused and motivated as an insurance agent requires spending time formulating goals and a plan to reach them; evaluating your performance from year to year; and maintaining a positive attitude along the way. 

Motivate yourself for success. You can do it…and InsureMe can help!