Starting Out: Tips for New Insurance Agents

While thousands of agents enjoy success in insurance sales, many have difficulty meeting commission and income goals—and eventually transfer to other careers.

But the experienced, successful agents didn't rely on luck when they started—they achieved success by building a trusting client base, capitalizing on referrals and staying competitive by evolving with industry changes.

In keeping with our goal to help our agents succeed, we at InsureMe have put together some tips for new agents—revealing how the best insurance agents built their businesses from the ground up!

Building Clientele

Acquiring new clients is one of the greatest challenges facing new agents, which is why it's important to explore all possible methods to find clients. 

You may wish to try some of the following methods to attract clients:

o Flyers

o Newspaper advertisements

o Door-to-door solicitation

o Cold-calling

While solicitation may not appeal to some, those that shy away from these methods do not often succeed. The best way to tackle your apprehensions is to develop a system—and stick with it. You might begin by saying, "I will talk to 15 people every day," or "I will distribute 100 flyers this week." 

Developing a system will help you to set goals and stay motivated, resulting in persistence that pays off—with new clients.

The Importance of Referrals

When it comes to making a sale, it's important that you see each client as the gateway to 10 or 15 additional clients.

Amid insurance professionals, it's not uncommon to hear that the successful agent will sell to one family and then continue to sell the rest of the block. As a new agent, you will want to ask your clients about any friends, relatives or neighbors that may be interested in your services. 

As a new agent, you may also wish to receive referrals through lead services like InsureMe. Thousands across the country of agents rely on InsureMe for fresh, qualified leads to connect with consumers who need insurance, giving agents a cost-effective way to expand their business. 

No matter where your referrals come from, it's important for new agents to cross-sell into other areas in order to meet the needs of potential clients. If you primarily sell property and casualty policies, this means you will want to become well-versed in life and health insurance. Depending on your state's guidelines, you may need to obtain a second license to sell life and health policies, or vice versa. But remember—the more extensive your services, the better equipped you will be to take advantage of any referrals that come your way!

Staying Competitive

With more and more consumers turning to the Internet to shop for insurance, more and more agents are using the Web to reach consumers. New agents can take advantage by establishing a presence on the Internet through a Blog or company Web site. Incorporating informational articles into your Web site will also appeal to consumers, thus boosting your visibility and credibility.

And, in spite of technological advancements, customer service is more important than ever. As a new agent, you can reach out to your clients by sending them congratulatory postcards after the purchase of a new home, or birth of a child, as well as friendly reminders around renewal time. 

When it comes to customer service, remember: a satisfied clientele will lead to referrals, expanding your business in ways you never imagined!

Start Building Your Business Today!

With the rising competition in the insurance industry, it's important that new agents remain persistent and dedicated to success. And, for more information on how insurance leads can boost your business, check out All About Filters!