How Great Agents Work Insurance Leads

As an insurance professional, you are well aware that most of the leads you receive are comparing your services to those of other agents. So how can you get a leg up on the competition and sell the lead?

To help you further your success with insurance leads, we've put together some tips to help you work your referrals—and write them a policy before your competitors!

Contacting the Lead

It's no surprise that the first agent to contact the lead usually pulls ahead of the competition. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you contact the lead as soon as you receive it. 

Many agents find success in placing an introductory phone call to the preferred contact number as soon as the lead is received. If you have to leave a message, be sure to include your name, the name of your company and why you're calling. While some agents like to disclose the quote during the message, most agents have found success with simply informing the lead that their quote is ready—enticing the consumer to make contact. 

To stay competitive, you'll also want to follow up the introductory call with an email, detailing some information about yourself, your company and how your services can meet the referral's needs. 

Can't reach the lead? Don't give up! Exhaust all methods of contact—tactfully—until you reach the lead. Remember, you can't begin a business relationship if you don't establish contact!

Selling the Lead

Once you've established contact with the lead, it's time to show them why your services are better than the rest. Below are six simple tips to follow to turn your referral into a client!

o Start a conversation. Hitting the lead with a sales pitch will send them straight for the door. Instead, ask one or two open-ended questions to get a sense of their insurance needs and interests. 

You might try asking: "What did you like best about your previous policy?" Or, "What financial goals do you wish to meet with these services?" Then, sit back and listen.

o Know your prospect. The information you've received with the lead, in conjunction with what you've learned from your conversations with the lead, will help you identify key factors about your potential client, such as what motivations determine their purchasing decisions (lowest price, best coverage, relationship with the agent, etc.)

By understanding the lead's goals, motivations and purchasing habits, you can better tailor your services to meet these needs, as well as to develop a long term plan—meaning repeat business!

o Know your products. You must know your insurance products and financial services inside and out—their strengths, their weaknesses and how to best present them to the referral. There should be nothing the lead can tell you about your products that you don't know! And remember to be prepared to answer any and all questions confidently.

o Speak with enthusiasm. Selling a policy is impossible if the consumer senses a lack of enthusiasm from the agent. Your enthusiasm about your services, combined with your product knowledge, will help you exude confidence, meaning?? the referral will start looking at you as a trusted expert rather than a sales agent—and we know that the average consumer prefers to buy from people they trust.

o Handle??objections—without sales pressure. As an insurance sales professional, you're no stranger to resistance—but pressuring a resistant consumer is no way to make a sale. Avoid sales pressure by refocusing on how your services will solve the consumer's problems and save them money. 

o Offer incentives, bargains and guarantees. People love to feel like they're getting a good deal. Offer any incentives you can to assure the lead that they're receiving a good value with your services. The more cynical referral will also respond well to bargains and guarantees, helping to establish rapport and trust with the consumer.

Start Expanding Your Business Today!

Selling insurance leads takes tenacity, persistence and good judgment. These selling tips, in combination with hot, high-quality referrals from InsureMe, will take you into a realm of success you never imagined! Study these tips and implement them into your selling strategy today—and get ahead of your competition!